Baby Tears

If you're a parent, you remember them -- when a child is truly hurt, or scared, or raw in any way, the tears that spill over their wide open eyes are huge and fat, almost round.  Every one that follows that first one is the same, until it's like a waterfall that rolls down, bucket by... Continue Reading →

The (Not So) Good Old Days

The post starts out “I grew up in a little town called [______]…”  (I’ll ignore the fact that the plural word Sunday has an apostrophe in it, which was my first clue about what was coming.)  At the end of the post, readers are instructed to copy, type in the name of their home towns,... Continue Reading →

Soft Dreams

I just woke up from a dream about my daughter. Dreams about her are rare.  Rarer still are dreams like this one.  It was soft. To this day, I am learning things about good people.  There really is no rocket science behind a lot of the symbols in this dream.  It hit a lot of levels.... Continue Reading →

Righting the tilt.

We actually are learning from history.  It's a beautiful thing to watch. It's sad that it's necessary because things are unfolding as they are right now, but many people are pushing hard to try to tilt the axis back toward normal. When Donald Trump was elected, there was a sense of unreality about it.  The... Continue Reading →

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