Probably it’s my journalism background that makes me want to add a disclaimer and a couple of words about what I post in here.

Who was that again???  In the interest of sharing what people have asked for from published writing I’ve done, blogs in particular, I may shift identifications and locations sometimes for people’s privacy. When I do that, I will note it clearly in the piece.

IMPORTANT:  If something sounds like it’s about you or someone you know, it may not be, unless it has your name or their name in it.  You know what “they” say about “assuming.”  😉  Good, bad, or indifferent, if you’re not sure, or you think it is, ask me.

True Lies:  There will be a section in here for pieces that make points, and are not factual accounts of things that ever happened.  That will have its own category, probably Parables and Metaphors.

Wait, what?  Just about everything in here will be completely organic, meaning I don’t write things then let them sit around for a few days, and endlessly edit them to make them perfect.  I’m obsessive about proper spelling and grammar — I admit to being a total grammar Nazi — but there will probably be typos, run-on sentences, too many commas, not enough commas, dangling participles and any number of other grammatical horrors.  When I find them, I fix them, but I try not to overdo, in case people might be notified a hundred times if I make changes to an entry.  If I were writing for *a* publication it would be a different story, but I’m not, so…

That’s a question mark, not a period!  I know.  But when I make certain statements by asking a question, I emphasize the point by putting a period after it, not a question mark. As in “that’s a statement, not a question,” which I will sometimes put in parentheses.

[BLEEP]  I swear.  We’re all adults here.  And I’m from Jersey.  That I have to say I understand that not everyone from Jersey swears, and that I even have to address this kind of annoys me, but I want people to understand it isn’t gratuitous, and it isn’t intended to offend.  See above about “organic.”  I rather like the hilarious list of the many uses of the f-bomb, so if it makes you blush, try to bear with me when I drop one.  I can promise you that there will be times that I will.

Thanks.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading…



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