There were diamonds in the grass tonight. Crickets sang to them under the incandescent streetlight.  Or for them.  Or because they liked them.  Or, probably more likely, they just moved among the glitter, oblivious.  You can never tell with crickets. I saw them when I opened the door to see if it was fog on... Continue Reading →


We, the fractals

Every time I have tried to sit down and "Do.  This." for the last week, my very ill senior cat has decided it's time to sit on my keyboard.  She was recently diagnosed with a kidney ailment whose specifics are yet to be determined.  We have an appointment next week for a diagnostic ultrasound.  Tonight... Continue Reading →


You know that relief when you're coming out of a suuuuper challenging week or two?  That. I've had occasion recently to really ponder lies people tell.  I should like to share a huge lesson in lying that I experienced in kindergarten, and how that humbling, humiliating thing at such a delicate stage of my formative... Continue Reading →

For all the others.

A young man in a military uniform is seething right now.  He is frustrated and outraged and believes he is completely justified for feeling that way. He recently said something extraordinary to his mother.  In a message.  Written down.  So unless or until she decides to delete it, it is there for posterity, like a... Continue Reading →

Glimpsing Eternity

What do you think it will be like? My grandmother was sitting in her chair next to the window at the kitchen table.  I was in the chair facing the window that overlooked the side yard of our house, out past the driveway and down the road where my family had lived since my grandparents... Continue Reading →

One person.

She was known for her drawing.  I was known for my writing.  We were in the same homeroom. That was about the extent of our association. There was a sort of distant respect between us, she of the more popular kids, I -- not.  Teachers told us I should write a book, she should do... Continue Reading →

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