A Day with PTSD

What a gorgeous day!  I'm going to do this today! No, you're not. Sure I am!  Look, it's gorgeous!  Let's go! Nope.  Sit down. Not a chance!  It's gorgeous!  There is no WAY I'm missing this today!  I'm all excited!  Come on, let's go! I said SIT.  DOWN. No.  I'm doing this. I said SIT.... Continue Reading →

Glimpsing Eternity

What do you think it will be like? My grandmother was sitting in her chair next to the window at the kitchen table.  I was in the chair facing the window that overlooked the side yard of our house, out past the driveway and down the road where my family had lived since my grandparents... Continue Reading →

One person.

She was known for her drawing.  I was known for my writing.  We were in the same homeroom. That was about the extent of our association. There was a sort of distant respect between us, she of the more popular kids, I -- not.  Teachers told us I should write a book, she should do... Continue Reading →

Stump, dead, abuse & Klieg lights.

When she was seven, before I had met her father and later adopted her and her brothers, my (not-yet) daughter went to school with a large burn on the underside of her elbow.  It perfectly matched the shape of two oven burner coils. Her teacher sent her to the nurse, who reported to the authorities... Continue Reading →


About three seconds.  That's all it takes.  Duran Duran, "Save a Prayer," or Christopher Cross, "Sailing." Three seconds of those opening strains and I'm 22 years old again, leaning back against the rail of a 30-foot yawl, warm salt breeze sliding over my arms, under a moon so bright, I almost have to squint.  Halfway... Continue Reading →

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